Vape Moar Super Sampler Eliquids Review


You are browsing though Vape Moar’s website, and you can’t make up your mind what flavor you should choose. You try to read the different reviews and attempt to weigh things down, the pros and the cons. This process is not only time consuming but you are also missing the chance of actually getting the flavor you crave for. So why not try each flavor for yourself by buying the Vape Moar Super Sampler.

Vape Moar Super Sampler features all 10 flavors and sells the set for only $20. Each bottle, which actually retails for $3, comes in 0 mg, 2 mg, 4 mg, 8 mg, and 16 mg of nicotine strengths. Their PG/VG ratio varies from each other.

Berry Bomb

Summertime sweetness straight to your palette! Berry Bomb is a mixture of watermelon and a variety of berries that is hard to pinpoint. In fact, the taste or kind of berries depend on how you set your mod’s temperature. This ejuice is a blend of 60% vegetable glycerin and 40% propylene glycol. Expect cherry-scented clouds that do not disappear immediately with this.

Cool Green

Cool Green is a straight menthol flavor brought to you by Vape Moar. Enjoy a blast of pure menthol flavor on both the inhale and exhale. I have to agree when one reviewer said that vaping Cool Green feels like popping six Ricola menthol cough drops in one sitting. This flavour vapour has a VG/PG ratio of 79/21.

Spring Fling

If Cool Green resembles the upcoming winter season, Spring Fling obviously represents the spring. Don’t you just love mixing blueberries, pineapples, and lemons altogether. It is impressive to note that the lemon in this blend is not overpowering, the pineapple sweet, and blueberry robust. It has a VG/PG ratio of 60/40. Judging by its light and refreshing taste, I am pretty sure you will be coming back for more.

Café Cream

Don’t you just love the smell and taste of coffee in the morning? Good news is, Vape Moar brings coffee right to your pocket. Café Cream offers a coffee-flavored ejuice with a sweet but light caramel and cream taste that will awaken your senses. This downright delicious vape juice has a VG/PG ratio of 83/17. As for the scent, what do you expect? This can fill any room with coffee-scented clouds, a new found haven for coffee addicts.

Cool Customer

I am pretty sure you are just like me. The flavor name is totally out of this world and will leave your curiosity triggered. Cool Customer is actually a blend of cool, fresh mint and sweet chocolates. However, while this is a classic flavor combination, Vape Moar made things pretty interesting. This time, the mint is more prominent than the sweet chocolates. This is unique and super tasty. This flavor is a blend of 77% VG and 23% PG.

Baker’s Bean

If you are one of those people who thinks vanilla is plain and boring, then you should try Vape Moar’s Baker’s Bean. This vapor is a splendid combination of vanilla bean and cinnamon. Keen vapers tend to notice the white chocolate and vodka undertones. This ejuice is a blend of 60% vegetable glycerin and 40% propylene glycol. It offers a nice and smooth vape that will make you want more.

Fru Fruity

I really thought Fru Fruity is a candy-based blend with a super sweet fruit flavor. I was right on the fruit part, but not on the candy. This eliquid is a mix of banana with a delicious twist of blueberry. This uniquely crafted vape juice has a VG/PG ratio of 76/24.

Prince Pucker

This vape juice wants to be crowned king someday. On a serious note, this eliquid tastes like  sour green apple candy. The sweet side can be tasted more on the inhale, while the sour bite kicks in on the exhale. This ejuices, which has a VG/PG ratio of 75/25, offers humongous, dense clouds that will not disappear immediately.

Summer Sweetie

You don’t have to wait for next summer to spoil yourself with some tropical treats. Summer Sweetie is packed with a sweet watermelon flavor that is set to freshen your mouth and throat up. This ejuice tastes like the actual fruit and its sweetness is really natural. Summer Sweetie is a blend of 78% VG and 22% PG.

Mellow Gold 

Tobacco lovers or previous ex-smokers who somehow missed the taste of tobacco will surely be delighted with Mellow Gold. This vape juice has the taste of tobacco mixed with a nutty and sweet caramel taste. Although this contains a high VG (90%) and low PG level (10%), its vapor still runs nice and smooth on the throat without any nose tingling sensation or nicotine buzz.

All of these flavors are up for grabs at Vape Moar’s official website under the Small Bottles collection. This can be a perfect gift idea for your vaper friends this holiday season too. Happy vaping!


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